What do you want in life?

If you're like most of us, you want happiness, you want to feel satisfied with life, and you want to be successful. 

How do you find happiness and success? Learn from people who thrive! That's what we're doing on The Peace of Persistence.

The Peace of Persistence interviews everyday people who live joyful lives and do great things to make the world a little better. We introduce them to the world via a webseries, tv show, and audio podcast. 

Does this sound like you?

Refer a Guest!


We're looking for people for the show. If you are a truly happy person, satisfied with life, and have achieved some success (you've received recognition in your field, have and reach your goals, and are in control of your finances), we would love to highlight you and/or your business on The Peace of Persistence. 

Do you know someone else? Of course, if you think you know anyone who fits the bill, let us know, or tell them about us! We're looking for people worldwide.

Just fill out the form below, or contact our host, Abigail Wright, at peaceofpersistence@gmail.com for more details. We'd love to share your story. 

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