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Host Abigail Wright introduces Shannon Algeo, a speaker, coach, and mindfulness teacher. Shannon is the co-founder of SoulFeed Podcast, and the creator of Awaken.Yoga, which provides affordable online yoga and meditation classes. As a coach, he also speaks and leads corporate mindfulness programs.

Show notes:
Mindfulness primer:
Mindfulness can be meditating for any period of time, or sensing the body from the inside out. Shannon discusses the idea from Eckhart Tolle's The Power of Now of sensing your body, your hand, your pinky finger. "Mindfulness is sensing and coming to know your location in yourself and in the world." He calls it a radical practice, compared to the rest of life, which can be so focused on stuff and identifying with stories that our thoughts tell us. He discusses the breath and experiencing boredom as a way to retrain the brain, seeing it as a counter-culture practice that helps us to connect to who we are beneath the surface.

Use attention and intention to have a "more nuanced, more felt experience." Referencing Brene Brown, Shannon also talks about how when we numb our negative feelings and thoughts, we also numb joy and connection - that we can't be selective about what we numb in life.

The people we draw into our inner circle are reflections of ourselves. When we're activated by someone else's energy, negatively or positively, it's a chance to evaluate opportunities for our own healing and growth - what it is we want to desire or create. When we do the work within ourselves to understand when we have more toxic relationships, it can help us to create boundaries to show others what we need. It comes back to mindfulness and responsibility in our own relationships.

What would you like the world to see differently?
"Who you are anywhere is who you are everywhere." You are enough, you are a leader, and people need you. "It's time to show up."

Any other advice for us?
If we're gentle (peaceful) with ourselves while being persistent and committed, "then we're going to be so powerful."

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