Bill McKibben and a Break

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Ok, thank you for doing that! As I mentioned, we need to take a brief pause to search for more guests, and we'll return later in February (Because we're taking a break, this one's on us, Patreon subscribers). In the meantime, for today, enjoy this rebroadcast of a previous episode of The Peace of Persistence with Author, Educator, Environmentalist, and Co-founder of, Bill McKibben. Just this January in 2018, we've had a 30% tariff added to imported solar panels in the US, terrible mudslides in California, and bigger, faster avalanches throughout the world - climate change is a real concern, and Bill gives us some great perspectives about it and strategies to address it in this interview. So without further ado, I bring you Bill McKibben.

Bill McKibben - Activist and Author

TPOP host Abigail Wright interviews activist and author Bill McKibben in this episode about climate change, our global community, and how to live going forward in our time of growth.

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