Amazing Brace!

It's done! The surgery was approved, and I'm on my way to healing. In this episode, I talk about accepting help and how grateful I am for everyone who's helped and reached out to me, while on a homemade stationary bicycle for my physical therapy exercises. 

Keep watching for some silly bonus footage from the hospital.

How Am I Still Standing (Labrum with An R)?

Thanks for joining me for season 2 of The Peace of Persistence! This season, we'll have more interviews with amazing people, and a brand new feature. Each week, expect another episode on Fridays about my own persistent search for success and happiness.

This week, I come clean about the struggles I've had physically for the past nine months, and I'm reminded of last season's extended audio episode with Paul Nelson. At 99 years of age, he talks about how he always assumes everything's going to work out. A lesson I definitely need to remember. 

Oh and it's a labral tear, not that other thing that starts with "lab." ;)

Thanks for watching - stay tuned for next week's episode, hopefully post-surgery!!