Episode 12 - Allen Won

Allen Won. As a saxophonist, he rises to the top for the same reason he made this interview such an incredible pleasure for me: presence. He works hard to bring that presence to all of his life's endeavors and experiences, and I hope you'll find lots of wisdom to take home from our talk. 

In this YouTube episode, we talk about the steps he took in life and how they led to his career and character. He makes a strong case for rituals, explaining how he achieves some of that presence in the moment. Some reflection on tolerance and advice round out an incredibly enlightening time. 

If you have a little extra time to listen, there's so much more on our podcast (which you can download from iTunes or your favorite podcast app on Android or iPhone). Seriously - SO much more... humility, Hawaii, Korean/Japanese heritage, flowing through career changes like water, work ethics, diversity, music, the representation of the saxophone... You'll love it.

Without further ado-

This is our 12th episode! That marks one episode per month, per year, since I started last April. Thank you SO much for joining me on this journey. Look forward for some great changes and an incredible year to come.