Episode 07 - Nicholas Pallesen - Part 01

Something exciting happened! I've been hypnotized into creating a two-part interview! Seriously, Nicholas Pallesen is not just a hypnotherapist and a renowned singer, but he's also clearly a fantastic speaker. So fantastic, in fact, that I had to create two parts to include all the great video and audio advice and inspiration. 

In this episode, Nicholas and I discuss his roots with hypnotherapy, why it's so effective, the difference connection has made in his life, and the number one way that people get in the way of their happiness and success. Can you imagine what it might be? I'm definitely guilty of doing it myself sometimes. 

This is why I'm so grateful to host this show and meet people like Nicholas, Brandon, Paul, Lynn, Jen, Blake, and Jaimee! My life is so full from the wisdom and advice they've gifted, and I hope you too feel inspired and encouraged. I'm excited to continue the next few interviews leading up to our last five this season. In the meantime, look forward to Friday, October 30, when we get to see Nicholas again in Episode 08, for part two of his interview. 

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