A SoulFeed Highlight


Today, we have a very special treat for you. Thanks to our guest from season 2, Shannon Algeo, we get to introduce you to his podcast, Soulfeed. On Soulfeed, Alex Kip and Shannon Algeo help you meet your higher self through their inspirational episodes and enlightening interviews. I'm personally a big fan. Just keep listening for one of Shannon's episodes, called "Get Financially Lit." I thought it would be a great one to highlight because although we tend to focus more on finding happiness than success on The Peace of Persistence, that's one piece of our bigger puzzle to achieving a higher life satisfaction.

On this episode of Soulfeed, Shannon helps you identify
– What is money?
– 5 key steps to live in alignment with your purpose and earn.
– How to develop an empowered relationship with money now, and
– Ways to allow yourself to receive what you want in this life.

We'll be back with the next episode of The Peace of Persistence in one week, on March 1, where I get to talk with the founder of Michael Chadwick Photography, who's had to work very hard on achieving the happiness he's found in his life.

For show notes on "Get Financially Lit," please find them directly at http://www.thesoulfeed.com/get-financially-lit.

Thanks for joining us for this week's preview of Soulfeed on The Peace of Persistence. Find them on iTunes or by going to www.thesoulfeed.com. We'll see you next week, with our next new interview featuring Michael of Michael Chadwick Photography