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In this lite version, host Abigail Wright talks with transformation acceleration expert Wendy Yellen about the powerful work of eidetics, Wendy guides us through an experience of it, and she tells us how she wishes everyone would consider the impact of their thoughts and actions.

Wendy Yellen lives outside of Santa Fe, New Mexico near the top of a 7,200 foot high mesa, with her husband and partner of 39 years, Michael. Together they share a love of exotic birding adventures in beautiful natural places around the world. Wendy graduated from Brandeis University and received her Master’s in Social Work from Smith College. She then went on to study neo-Reichian body work and other traditional and non-traditional forms of healing from masters around the world. But she let all of this go once she discovered the power of the work you’ll experience today. Wendy has been working as a transformation acceleration expert for almost 40 years and is honored to be named one of the International Top THREE Transformational Experts in her field.

Show notes!
We talk about eidetics, which Wendy says is more easily understood through the experience of it. She explains it as a way of working with the mind, body, and spirit to, instead of helping you see what's wrong, removes the crust of your history to operate as who you were before you were shaped by your history. 

Wendy guides us in an experience of eidetics!

Wendy explains how eidetics works and that, even though it sometimes uses images from the past, it's all about your current state of being. She discusses how our history can cover over our potential.

Wendy addresses common reactions and concerns with the experience through which she led us. She recommends reviewing your experience with the image and the problem you chose at the beginning of the exercise, to examine how they're related and guides us to remember that this is not a mental exercise but that the results of sitting with the images creates gradual, often subconscious change. She tells the story of an award-winning creative client who went through a traumatic experience with her mother as a child, leading to feelings of never being enough and believing she wasn't worth being paid as an adult. Working through images with Wendy, she was able to move past that feeling and begin to book jobs that paid.

If you're interested in continuing with eidetics, Wendy offers a free confidential meeting by going to www.measiwanttobe.com. During the conversation, you'll discuss your experience with the experience she brought us through earlier, along with where the work could take you if you want to shift that piece in your life.

Wendy can't imagine she'll continue to work in this line of work when she's much older, 85 or 90, but she's not waiting to retire or do something else. She loves this work and feels cradled by it - as though the spiritual experience of the exploration loves her back.

What would you like the world to see differently?
She wishes we would take a second to reflect before saying or doing something, to really see the impact we have on others with our mood, our words, and our assumptions. Not only do we harm each other, but we miss opportunities to make a difference.

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