Soprano, Author & Survivor Charity Tillemann-Dick

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In this week's extended audio-only! episode, host Abigail Wright speaks with Charity Tillemann-Dick, soprano, survivor of two double-lung transplants, and author of The Encore: A Memoir in Three Acts. Catch the full episode here:

Charity Tilleman-Dick is a soprano and top-selling Billboard classical artist. After receiving a diagnosis of Idiopathic Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension, Charity has had two double lung transplants, has been the National Spokesperson for the PHA (Pulmonary Hypertension Association), and continues to perform, being featured as a singer and speaker around the world.

She speaks candidly and enthusiastically about her upbringing (with 11 brothers & sisters), surviving two double-lung transplants and cancer, singing, relationships, finding the divine in yourself and others, living up to our potential and feeling complete, her love of food, and her book. The Encore: A Memoir in Three Acts is published by Simon & Schuster, and it comes out on October 3. Pre-order your copy on Amazon

You can also catch Charity at one of her upcoming book signing events, and she answered our last question, "do you have any advice for us," by saying she loves to give advice! Go to, and she's happy to answer any advice requests you might have. Thanks, Charity!

Allen Won - Saxophonist

I'm so excited to bring you our 12th episode with saxophonist Allen Won! In this episode I (your host, Abigail Wright) talk with Allen about how his career took shape amongst the twists and turns that make up his character, his supportive family, rituals, tolerance, and presence.

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Daniel Small - Senior Municipal Bond Trader/Strategist & Aikido Instructor

Hello Episode 11! After a great episode with Annie Small, we're thrilled to introduce you to her husband, Daniel Small! Danny's a senior municipal bond trader and strategist and Aikido instructor. In this video, he discusses how they've kept their relationship fresh after thirty-two years, his love for finance and game theory, mindfulness, a global view of harmony, and so much more. Thanks, Danny!

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Annie Small - Wealth Manager & Relationship-building Expert

Join us for Episode 10 of The Peace of Persistence! In this interview, Annie Small, wealth manager and relationship-building expert, talks about how to maintain relationships through adversity, working outside of one's comfort zone, traveling, and giving through educating others.

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Parviz Ghahramani - Author, Researcher, Owner of Inncelerex, & Pilot

In this episode of The Peace of Persistence, host Abigail Wright meets with Parviz Ghahramani, author, award-winning researcher, owner of Inncelerex, and pilot. Watch as Parviz shares his wisdom about being positive in any situation, listening to advice and criticism, constant learning, how to use other pursuits to refresh your mind for work, and so much more!
Tune in on January 8, 2016 for episode 10, with wealth manager Annie Small.

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Nicholas Pallesen (Part 2) - Hypnotherapist & Opera Singer

Living authentically, having the courage to let go of the "shoulds" of life, challenging your limiting beliefs, and laughter yoga - just a few of the topics covered in the second part of host Abigail Wright's interview with hypnotist and singer Nicholas Pallesen. Hear how he "came out" as a hypnotist and some tangible tools to live a better life.

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Nicholas Pallesen (Part 1) - Hypnotherapist & Opera Singer

In this episode of The Peace of Persistence, host Abigail Wright meets with Nicholas Pallesen, hypnotist and opera singer. Watch as they discuss his roots with hypnotherapy, why it's so effective, the difference connection has made in his life, and the number one way that people get in the way of their happiness and success.
This is the first half of a two-part interview! Stay tuned Friday, October 30 for part two with Nicholas.

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Brandon Mayberry - Opera Singer, Co-Owner of Swirlz Cupcakes, & Living Kidney Donor

What does it take to sing in the full time chorus at the Metropolitan Opera, own a thriving cupcake business, and tangibly contribute to the lives of those around you? Join bass-baritone and Swirlz Cupcakes co-owner Brandon Mayberry and host Abigail Wright as they talk about his trip around the world, his experience as a living organ donor, gratitude, compassion, and how to de-stress in a busy life. In this extended audio version, you can also hear how he studied opera for free, a heartbreaking story about the fragility of life, the importance of optimism, charity, and his advice for going full steam ahead with goals and jumping at opportunity when unseen forces make it possible.

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Paul Nelson - 99-year-old Retired Nuclear Engineer

Meet Paul Nelson, a 99-year-old retired nuclear engineer who worked at Dupont, the Hanford engineering branch of the Manhattan Project, and for the Atomic Energy Commission. Hear his discussion with host Abigail Wright, as he talks about his feelings about the atomic bombs in WW2 and his secrets to longevity, relationships, lifelong learning, and living each day. In this extended audio version, you can also hear his thoughts on the future of nuclear energy, the importance of nature in his life, what it was like working on the Manhattan Project and his thoughts on the Hanford cleanup site.

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Lynn Krynicki Bayer - Head Stage Manager

Host Abigail Wright talks with Washington National Opera and Bard Summerscape's stage manager Lynn Krynicki Bayer. In this interview about balancing happiness and success, Lynn talks about managing life and work one moment at a time, the importance of problem solving, and contentment with life - without comparing yours to others.

Jen Ponton - Actor, Writer, Producer, & Director

Join us in one of our most inspiring interviews yet! Host Abigail Wright interviews actor Jen Ponton about the joy of living each moment successfully, breaking through boundaries, and the importance of relationships.

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Blake Robinson - Photographer & Retired Investment Manager

Welcome to Episode 2 of The Peace of Persistence, where I interview Blake Robinson, retired investment manager and thriving photographer, mentor, volunteer, and husband. I've known Blake now for years as a photographer and friend, and just sitting in his company for the day brought so much warmth and joy to me. Since then, I've thought a lot about living a life of integrity and being consistent in how I treat others and myself. Of course, it also didn't hurt that we did a great headshot session for opera photos afterwards! I hope this episode provokes you in the best of all possible ways, as it has done for me.

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Jaimee Hammer - Owner of JM Taxes & Singer in Cheers the Band

Join us in our inaugural episode of The Peace of Persistence! In Episode 1, host Abigail Wright talks with Jaimee Hammer, owner of JM Taxes and singer with Cheers the Band about living without regrets, giving back, and listening to the voice within to follow your passions.

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