Bill McKibben - Activist and Author

TPOP host Abigail Wright interviews activist and author Bill McKibben in this episode about climate change, our global community, and how to live going forward in our time of growth.

Allen Won - Saxophonist

I'm so excited to bring you our 12th episode with saxophonist Allen Won! In this episode I (your host, Abigail Wright) talk with Allen about how his career took shape amongst the twists and turns that make up his character, his supportive family, rituals, tolerance, and presence.

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Annie Small - Wealth Manager & Relationship-building Expert

Join us for Episode 10 of The Peace of Persistence! In this interview, Annie Small, wealth manager and relationship-building expert, talks about how to maintain relationships through adversity, working outside of one's comfort zone, traveling, and giving through educating others.

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