Space to Dream

Image by Marc van Norden

Space. Sometimes this word reminds me of childhood, looking up at the stars and dreaming of floating above the atmosphere, the possibility of other life, and some kind of cosmic connection between us all. Today, it signifies something similarly spiritual, as I take the time and space to finally heal from a ten month-old injury after finally having surgery. It conjures gratitude within me, for the friends, family, and organizations who have made it possible for me to make my recovery a full time job so that I can come back to full health in the next six months to a year.

This kind of perspective comes with a natural desire to reexamine and infuse my life with a new energy - a thrilling, if sometimes nerve-racking, process. At the moment, I'm using Mitch Matthews' IGNITE! A Little Book to Spark Your Big Dreams. So far, it appears that my dreams and goals will continue to follow my lifelong, insistent interests: singing, acting, writing, languages, helping others, and producing. I suspect the application of those desires may change, and I'm so grateful to have the time - and space - to dream. Check out Mitch's page, if you're interested in the free audiobook and workbook versions of IGNITE.

In the meantime, the format of The Peace of Persistence has changed too. In season one, I interviewed extremely happy/satisfied people who have achieved some success in their lives. Several people suggested that they wanted to see not just interviews, but also my own journey to pursuing happiness and success. Limited by my ability to travel with equipment, I've used this time to begin letting you in, on YouTube and also in the audio podcast, allowing you to see my healing process, my favorite way to start my day, and various tools I've used to cope. I'll continue to give you insight on great ways to pursue happiness and success, like the IGNITE audiobook and workbook, and I'll begin to film more interviews as soon as I can.

For today, I hope you'll check out Mitch Matthews, and the most recent audio podcast edition of The Peace of Persistence, which features singer/songwriter Nathan Riehl of the band Sun Thief and our theme song! It's the first time we've played it for you in full - I'm a big fan. We're working on a couple of very early interviews with some big names in the world of happiness and persistence, and I'll get them out to you soon. Until then, remember to take the space you need to dream big for a great life.